Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well, there's nothing like a good ol' hangout time with a few of your internet pals. This past weekend, on Saturday, the first "MennoDiscuss party took place at Pizza Parlor, with Hans Mast, his father Marvin, and his brother Benji (Sorry Marvin and Benji, but Hans is the most famous of the three of you, so I needed to use him as the reference point). The whole Marvin Mast family was in the area for a wedding, so we had a great time on Saturday nite. I missed curfew by over 45 min, for the first time that I'm aware of. Hans attended our Sunday morning service at Gospel Haven, and ended up inspiring his whole family to come.

For the record, we talked about anything and everything. Hans insisted on taking a picture of me, wearing a tie that I had worn for a special youth social, and is planning on posting it in the "To Tie or Not To Tie" thread on MennoDiscuss. I might end up regretting the day I made the purchase. It did look sorta cool, though. I felt, for the first few minutes, that I had two tounges, one in my mouth and one sprout directly of my adam's apple.

I'm really only posting this for sake of making it look like my brain is functioning, and I'm really fumbling with what to post next. If this is how bad it is for me now, on the internet, I don't want to get a job at a newspaper and have to write every day. I'll be back before too long, and when I am, I think I can promise something meaty.

Thanks for your patience!


PeacefulLady said...

sorry to have missed ya.. maybe next time...

Hans attended our Sunday morning service at Gospel Haven, and ended up inspiring his whole family to come.
uhh... how did this happen? Did he call them up in the middle of church?
~sign me puzzled

whimsicalfaery said...

Hey, even the best of us flounder for words. Let me tell you, trying to keep up that kind of tenacity every day gets tiring. It reminds me of this woman who wrote a column for the newspaper. Hard-hitting social reform kind of stuff. Anyway, one day she went to her editor and was like, "You know, I'm tired of being angry."

Anyway, this comment is unprecedently long, so I'll shut up. What is the (very streamlined) address of your website? It sort of slipped my mind after the third dot and the fourth backslash.

(Oh yeah, have fun this weekend.)