Thursday, November 10, 2005

John 1

I'm in the process of reviewing (if you can call it that) John 1, and scriptures related to it in order to derive a fuller meaning out of it. As a Gospel, it is the only one that isn't synoptic, and it's thrust is in an entirely different direction. As a friend of mine put it to another friend: "I read John 5 times, and I knew God." The other friend replied with "Now read the other Gospels 5 times, and you'll know Jesus."

I'm not entirely sure what to make of

"And to the angel of the church in Laodicea write: 'The words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of God's creation."
in Revalations 3:14, but think about it once: Obviously, the "Amen, the faithful and true witness" is Jesus. But the beginning of the creation of God? That strikes an unfamiliar chord in my mind. Jesus was created? But wasn't he always part of the Trinity? Doesn't that mean that he would always have existed? So why does Revalations say that He was created by God?

This little post was really only meant to serve as a mental stimulator. Now, I'm very curious about one thing. Why has no one EVER signed my guest book? If you are reading these words, you must be at least somewhat interested in what I have to say, and therefore, I would be more than somewhat interested in knowing who you are. You don't need to say much, but leave me a note. Humor me!


Anonymous said...

Scripture clearly portrays Jesus as a Creator, not a creation. See Hebrews 1:2 and John 1:3.

According to a footnote in NASB, the phrase "the beginning of God's creation" means "origin or source" of God's creation. An alternative translation is "the ruler of God's creation" (NIV).

Anonymous said...

Alright nothing at all to do with this post rather your post on Love/evil Ok I concede you are correct...really should since I gave you the theory in the first place. LOL. I think you are right but take it easy on the complexity you make it to hard to understand. ENGLISH. My two cents. Which is alomost all I have.

whimsicalfaery said...

You need to hear the song on my xanga site. So classic...

Good thought, by the way, I agree with j a miller. That's always how I have interpreted that phrase. And thanks for the idea of what part of the Bible to read next. :)

Anonymous said...

Why don't I write in your guest book? I have no idea where it is!
I will have to agree with J A miller on this one too... Jesus is the creator...HOWEVER!!!! He was FULLY GOD/FULLY MAN. OK again fully God/fully man. As God he is the Creator, as a man he was created. Cunfusing? maybe but it is true.