Monday, November 21, 2005

How Far is Heaven?

Many of you may have heard Salvador sing the song, possibly even on a secular station. My guess is, most of you liked it. But this post has nothing to do with the song nor the length of time 'till heaven is my (our, fellow Christians) home, but rather what we will see when we get there.

Meditate a moment on the infiniteness of God. What would it mean to be infinite? Interestingly, the concept of infinite is impossible to grasp, because of the boundaries of finiteness. I'm only beginning to see that "infinite" is not possible to even picture, because of our finite mind. The basis for finiteness is essentially infinite constrained. And it's constrained absolutely. There are no boundaries outside of finiteness; after finiteness is only infinite. Only. The boundaries to infinite are not constrained; indeed, they don't exist.

In Heaven, will we be infinite? Will finiteness end at death? Or is time the only constraint that will be invalidated. Regardless, what we will experience will be beyond finite language's ability to communicate. This is not so hard to believe. Philippians 4:7 says

"And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding..."
If it passes all understanding, without a doubt it passes the boundaries of human communication. Even with our amazing capacity to convey emotions, etc. we are not able to intimate the essence of the peace of God! This insight will help you understand John's (the Revelator) lack of ability to write, in finite language, even the most incomplete of descriptions! Think of a city, or an entity of some sorts, that surpasses the boundaries of what constrains our wildest imaginations! Infinite! A mansion, a city, all without the constraints of finiteness; all which are absolutely outside of our minds to imagine! That's my home! and yours, if you choose.


whimsicalfaery said...

You're not getting homesick, are you? :)

I believe that all inhibitors will be removed from our mind...that is, we will be able to learn without anything to hold us back? But will we know everything instantly? I don't think so. I think it will take all of eternity to understand everything that God has prepared for us. Michael ( has a great post about heaven being "a series of explosions." Mental explosions, if you will. That describes my opinion as much as anything can.

Anonymous said...

Wow Annie, Nice job! just what I was gonna say only better. Nic have you read Randy Alcorn's book In light of Eternity? If yes Good, If no... I'll lend it to you.

Anonymous said...

Nic, did my post maybe inspire you? What an honor.

It is a wonderful exercise to sit and ponder the word infinite. It is a word full of meaning. I love to read about heaven, your post excited me.