Monday, August 22, 2005

White House Media

Today was interesting. I did something I'm convinced none of you have ever done before. I phoned in to the White House Media Department, and asked them to put me on the list of people that gets faxed whenever there's a media event in Ohio. My Internation Press Credentials are currently rated only well enough to get info for Ohio events. Sometime, I'll maybe add to that, but it costs.

The Lord is good, and true, and consistent. And He's taught me a lesson. Again. "Just wait, Nic," He says, "You'll have your adventure. Just stay where you are and grow." And with His voice of comfort, and hands of a tender warrior, He lays my fears to rest. The whole big picture fits perfectly into His hands, with enough room left to hold yours, too, if you just let Him. Such huge, infinite hands. All the future, perfectly invisible from the viewpoint of the tip of one of His fingers, looking down into the palm of His hand. What an expanse. What sheer size!

No one reading this can fathom the peace of such release without experiencing it firsthand. Believe me.

All the pressures, all the responsiblities. All of it gone at a whim, if only He speaks the word. Just a word. No more excuses to just sit around. Wonderful.


Byran said...

The first comment on Nic's site, and it's me. Cool.

Nic Miller said...

Thanks By. You're a real encouragement.