Monday, August 22, 2005

The right foot

Take a step. Look back to make sure it was the right move. Analise it.

I'm being incredibly influenced by the music coming over the internet radio I'm listening to. iTunes radio has a few groovin jazz stations, and one of them is going for it right now. It's amazing how music and that type of thing influences the way you think. I couldn't be in a pensive mood right now if I tried. Screaming saxes, synthesizers bangin it out. So invigorating. All the freeflowing patterns, never stopping, often repeating, but never monotonous, and never predictable. I love jazz.

The right foot. I suppose I don't really know what I mean by that. All I know is that, for all practicle purposes, my life it right. Just plain right. I'm so blessed. I feel like sometimes I go through the fire. God testing me to see if I really trust him, am really able to lay my life into his hands. Wonderful blessings. Best foot forward.

The Lord is telling me something. I wonder what wonderful thing he will reveal to me next. He is the greatest schoolmaster I've ever had. He's also the only one that I really, really *want* to listen to! For the past few weeks, I've just really been wandering about my life's direction. Not sure where the Lord would have me. Now, I am finally realising that God is going to take care of the details. All of them. That's what he meant by not worrying about tommorow. It's so wonderfully freeing to know that the future isn't in my hands. My hands could never hold it. But God is infinite, and is as concerned about my relationship with him as anything or anyone else. How incredible. Even more incredible is the fact that it is so with EVERYONE!

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