Friday, September 16, 2005

Paradoxical Exposition

Seeking love, knowing the Lover, and thereby having found the former, yet continuing the search with passion. It's one of the great paradoxes of life.

Who am I? Why am I that? What point is there in my being such?
I'm an expression. Of peace. Of hope, and, primarily, of the Love[r], the ultimate Artist.

What hope have I to turn the world? Whereupon do I step into the world of certain blur? Of living death. Where is death? Beacon, oh Light! please beam hells death into existence! But of course, this is hope against hope. Wish against Truth. No.

The bells toll. Run! RUN! At the door, finds nothing restful, all is moving, spinning round, and Love and Thunder fight. Fury rages, old maids wishing all was calm and still as Nativity. But were it such, the calamity would yeild no end.

Never a thought that rushed through my subconcience semi-reality hit me like it did that day. "Love beat Thunder when blood and water flowed." Oh Love! whatever lives within me, That great paradox proclaim! For such is always, never ending, overflowing world without end.

Yours Truly


Anonymous said...

Hi, Nic! Just answering your plea for comments. :-) This is a cool blog! Cindi

Nic Miller said...

Good Grief, Cindi! Where were YOU at 1:32 in the morning?!?!

whimsicalfaery said...

You know...if you left comments on other people's sites, they would leave comments on yours. You see, that't the way that works. Wasn't sure if you realized.

Yeah, I know you're busy. I just haven't insulted you in awhile, and I just felt like being patronizing.

Anonymous said...

The reason that a lot of people didn't comment this time was because you posted this earlier...just thought I would let you know..

Nic Miller said...

Yes, I know, Pat... No one commented then either. I thought it would have an appeal to the discerning audience on blogspot more than on xanga, although I suppose maybe not. I posted it again because the first time, I figured no one had read it because no one had really visited my page.