Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A laughing matter

I've wondered already of God, as an infinite God, has to look at our human endevours to know lots of things, and think we know a lot, and just chuckle. How do we, mere mortals, manage to gain SO much knowledge? Isn't it amazing? Ha! But what about having an infinite God? EVERYTHING soon becomes a whole lot less than it used to be, doesn't it?

If you haven't lately pondered the implications of the existence of an infinite being reigning over us, please do. It's quite a load on the mind. First of all, you pretty much surrender control of your life personally. Secondly, hard as we may try, we just can't quite keep the infinite and the finite seperate! All manner of good things occur, such as miracles, and defy the laws of physics that make our chaotic existence on earth at least semi-orderly. Though we think we've got the four-oh-one on life we're only setting ourselves up for a supernatural ride.

A challenge: spend a week of your spare spare time (yes, I intended for two spares) pondering what it means to have an infinite God. Write down your ides and email them to me.

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Anonymous said...

I was just pondering that very idea: I was driving down the 557 on my way to Sugarcreek, and I was hit with the fact that no matter how wise or knowledgeable or amazing I am, I am still confined to that small blot of road.

And then my thoughts turned to God. He was focused right there, on the 557 with me, but He was not confined. At the same time He was just as focused on Golden Rule Travel and our friend Pat, on Walnutcreek Planing and Chad, He was just as focused on every location and every being on the earth (both humans and spirit beings).

Nic your post is very true, when we think about God's infiniteness, our own "wisedom" "power" "knowledge" seems rather silly and simple. Good post.